Alisha Dickinson at Pietryla PR & Marketing

Alisha M DickinsonAlisha M. Dickinson is a dynamic PR executive who has been active in public relations since 2007. She is currently serving as executive vice president at Pietryla PR & Marketing and is primarily focused on B2C public relations for CPG brands. She is a successful PR consultant on her own and founded Allettare PR, where she represents fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands – focusing on strategic press release distribution and media relations. She also serves as a freelance account director at Press Friendly, heading the public relations division on the consumer side.

Considered by many a savant when it comes to getting press, she has leveraged her skills to help multiple industries across the United States. A proven strategist with excellent communication skills, Alisha started as a marketing consultant at Superior Internet Solutions. Her experience then elevated her to a publicist position at Chiexecs PR. As a public relations strategist, her expertise lies in product launches, celebrity campaigns, social media campaigns, and influencer marketing. Her problem resolution and strategic planning have been instrumental in ensuring that brands foster good media relations to gain more traction in the market. Her dedication to her craft and the 12 years of promoting relations with the media have led to brands getting top-tier media exposure.

True to her craft and having fostered discipline, determination, pride, honor, and perseverance throughout her career, Alisha is a dynamic professional. She leverages her skills to help brands obtain the proper recognition they deserve. Alisha received her bachelor’s degree in general studies, psychology, and Spanish in 2007 from Indiana University.

Contact Alisha at Pietryla PR:
312-612-0283 x 702