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Christine Pietryla Wetzler

Owner, Pietryla PR & Marketing

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How Agencies Are Using AI To Better Personalize Clients’ Marketing

How Agencies Are Using AI To Better Personalize Clients’ Marketing

For agencies looking to help their clients boost sales and customer satisfaction, artificial intelligence tools can be a game-changer. Those who are not leveraging AI to tailor their content to target audiences’ personal preferences might be losing out on the opportunity to deliver the most relevant and engaging experiences.

By analyzing vast amounts of customer data to understand their preferences and behaviors, AI can help brands to deliver targeted messaging that will resonate with specific individuals on a more personal level. AI-powered algorithms can adapt and optimize marketing strategies in real time, ensuring relevance and effectiveness across various channels and audiences. Here, 18 members of Forbes Agency Council share unique and innovative ways their agencies are using AI to better personalize their clients’ marketing. Check out their approaches below.

1. Incorporating AI Into Content Workflows

We have been proactive in incorporating AI into our content workflows since mid-2023. Our creative and production teams have embraced new technologies and blended workflows for AI and human creations. We have created hybrid AI content banks and have innovated using virtual models with different ethnicities to create campaign adaptations for multiple geographies. – Aasim Shaikh Zubaer, LPS Brands

2. Personalizing Per The Audience’s Emotional Aspects

Personalizing clients’ marketing and communication with AI is not too far away from being invasive. However, we believe in being human and staying emotional. Hence, to leverage AI in marketing, our agency uses our audience’s emotional aspects to personalize marketing campaigns and messages. Human intelligence and emotions can never be taken over by AI, whereas all other manual processes certainly are vulnerable. – Prashanthi Kolluru, KLOUDPORTAL

3. Using Data-Driven Insights To Evolve Our Work In Real Time

We’re focused more than ever on creating the most meaningful experience for each customer at the right time through excellent creative craft and storytelling. We’re using AI tools and platforms to help us deliver data-driven insights, sharp marketing strategies and efficient, measurable executions, with learnings that allow us to continue evolving our work in real time. – Violet Aldaia, H4B Chelsea

4. Generating Dynamic Content To Customize Messages

Utilizing AI to generate dynamic content allows for the customization of messages at an individual level. This means that the content a customer receives, whether through email, social media or advertisements, is tailored based on their interactions, preferences and behavior. Such dynamic personalization ensures that the marketing materials are engaging for each recipient. – Joschka Weltgen, Compado

5. Building A Robust Data And Audience Strategy

In 2024, true personalization within marketing and communications, especially with the help of AI, requires a multifaceted approach. Here are some key areas our marketing platform focuses on to achieve this for our clients: building a robust data and audience strategy, leveraging a generative pretrained transformer (or GPT) for content personalization techniques, and continuously monitoring and optimizing campaigns. – Tanuj Joshi, Eulerity

6. Predicting How Customer Needs And Tastes Will Evolve

Generative AI is supercharging personalization. Brands can create customized experiences at unprecedented scale and precision using behavioral patterns and individual characteristics to learn what customers might do or want next. This takes personalization beyond making suggestions according to an unchanging perspective on customers’ past behavior, allowing us to predict how their needs and preferences will change in the future. – Tate Olinghouse, Acxiom

7. Fine-Tuning Communications With Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligence (human intellect and AI) is driving personalization to new heights. Leveraging our data and dozens of predictive model audiences, 12 dynamic content optimization containers, and hundreds of creative assets, one of our clients, a global hospitality leader, has achieved millions of combinations to fine-tune every element of their communications, ensuring each email sent is distinctly unique. – Thomas Zawacki, Data Axle

8. Automating Email Personalization With Machine Learning

As an agency with deep expertise in omnichannel marketing, we rely on robust personalization. Our team uses AI to streamline and optimize personalization for clients. For example, we combine machine learning with business firmographics and our B2BC contact data to automate many aspects of email personalization across content, images, calls to action, subject lines and more. – Paula Chiocchi, Outward Media, Inc.

9. Delivering Emails At The Optimal Engagement Time

Send-time personalization allows us to strategically personalize automated email campaigns. Using AI, we ensure emails are delivered to each individual at the optimal engagement time based on engagement data in their automation platform. By delivering emails at the right time and frequency, we increase the odds of reaching the top of the inbox when they are making their purchasing decisions. – Elyse Flynn Meyer, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

10. Facilitating Process-Driven Tasks And Faster Delivery

We’ve really embraced AI for its precision in process-driven tasks, such as research, editing and data gathering. Our agency leverages these AI insights, combined with our in-depth industry expertise, to tailor communications plans that resonate deeply with each client’s unique audience. AI isn’t replacing our skills; it’s enabling us to deliver results more quickly. – Christine Wetzler, Pietryla PR & Marketing

11. Building Custom GPTs And Data Banks

One area where we are heavily leveraging AI for personalization is building custom GPTs and data banks that are specifically trained on our individual client’s style, tone, messaging and so on so that we can leverage these AI tools to quickly produce content variations or content updates across marketing channels. If we need content variations for five different audiences, these GPTs can be a lifesaver. – Bernard May, National Positions

12. Overcoming Blocks And Getting Started

We use AI to stop people staring at blank screens. Getting started is often the hardest thing for people to do. AI’s superpower is that it doesn’t overthink; it just starts working. Whenever anyone is struggling to start, AI is a great tool to overcome a block. Whether or not the AI output is great, it acts as a catalyst to help people start producing work productively. – Mike Maynard, Napier Partnership Limited

13. Developing Our Own LLM To Customize Clients’ Content

Content plays a big role in marketing, and we have developed our own large language model where we input all the information possible about each of our clients to create a custom GPT for them. This enables us to create super-customized content, ad graphics and even newsletters for each client, enabling our teams to be much more creative and productive. – Vaibhav Kakkar, Digital Web Solutions

14. Collecting Data About Our Clients’ Customers

We use AI to collect data about our clients’ customers—what they like, what they don’t like, and so forth. From there, we can generate content based on what we know about their customers, and we can personalize it to a level that allows their customers to feel like they matter. We can send out personalized newsletters, offer discounts on things we know they like, and so much more. We can then use AI to get feedback. – Jason Hall, FiveChannels Marketing

15. Connecting Google Search And Analytics Data

We’re integrating AI with Zapier to connect Google Search and Analytics data for real-time insights, enabling hourly updates on business trends. This smart measurement approach allows us to personalize marketing and communications swiftly and effectively, ensuring our clients stay ahead. – Qamar Zaman, KISSPR Brand Story Press Release Distribution

16. Embracing Identity Solutions

We have gone full steam ahead with identity solutions. This is the practice of combining data science, digital transformation and programmatic (and digital) activations, as well as embracing the world of AI in advertising by finding audiences and custom targets through an infinite combination of targeting and copy messages. – Humphrey Ho, Hylink Digital

17. Selecting Influencers For Clients’ Social Media Campaigns

We leverage AI to assist us in selecting the most suitable influencers for our clients’ social media marketing campaigns. The number of influencers is growing across various social platforms, and navigating this landscape can be daunting. An AI-driven approach simplifies this process by analyzing influencers based on their alignment with a brand’s values and the potential for positive outcomes. – Michael Kuzminov, HypeFactory

18. Implementing An AI Avatar To Aid In Content Creation

Ensuring that our clients’ messages reach their clients effectively is crucial for us. Therefore, we have implemented several initiatives that utilize AI to personalize the experience. These include an AI avatar that aids in creating more engaging presentations and content, as well as a medical-legal regulatory acceleration engine that facilitates content checks before submission for review. – Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven