Social media influencers often get a bad name from older generations, who may believe that they’re simply silly and unimportant individuals. According to Media Kix, over 60% of PR executives believe that content creation and working with social media influencers will be vital parts of public relations efforts in the future. They’re ahead of the game in understanding these individuals’ marketing powers. Here’s how they can help you.

Promote Your Products

Many social media personalities have sponsors who help make their posts profitable. You usually see this with video content producers, though even bloggers may get sponsors. This situation can be incredibly profitable for you if you can find someone willing to make a review of your product. Some personalities may even do a positive paid review for the right money, though most typically focus on honest reviews. So make sure that your product or service is high-quality before trying to approach a social media influencer with a partnership. It could backfire if you’re not safe.

Reach Younger Audiences

Many a great PR firm is desperate to hit that difficult youth market. The problem here is that younger buyers, particularly millennials and post-millennials, believe that they’re “too smart” for conventional advertising. However, they may believe most of what a popular influencer tells them. As a result, these social media darlings may help your products appeal to that fast-spending youth market. Even better, you may create brand loyalty by repeatedly sponsoring a social media influencer’s content.

Spread Your Name

Did you know that some social media influencers have a dedicated audience that reaches into the millions? Some might even have over 10 million fans who follow their every move. If you can get your business’ name on those influencers’ lips, just imagine how many potential new customers you might earn! Though it’s not a guarantee of success, pairing with a social media personality may help millions learn your name very quickly. That could result in several new customers, especially with repeated showings of your products and ads.

If you want social media influencers to help your business, it is important to work with a PR firm that understands how they operate. These professionals will find influencers who suit your business type, connect them with your products, and continue to raise awareness. These benefits should come to you very quickly and, depending on the influencer, may even happen almost immediately.