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Christine Pietryla Wetzler

Owner, Pietryla PR & Marketing

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How To Enhance Timeless PR Tactics With Modern Technology

How To Enhance Timeless PR Tactics With Modern Technology

Although the digital age has brought forth innovative tools and trends, certain “old-fashioned” public relations strategies have stood the test of time. From artful storytelling to powerful face-to-face communication, these classic approaches offer a solid foundation for any PR campaign. However, many of them can be complemented by modern tools and techniques.

Below, Forbes Agency Council members discuss how traditional PR methods can be revitalized and amplified using technology to reach new heights of success. From leveraging artificial intelligence and analytics to harnessing the power of social media influencers, the marriage of timeless tactics and cutting-edge tech can help PR professionals have a greater impact.

1. Supercharge The Human Touch With Digital Content

There is nothing more powerful than the power of human-to-human connection. In an era of digital everything, we cannot undermine the power of a handwritten note, a courtesy phone call or a personalized package that invites media and influencers to feel and touch your brand and offering. Today’s digital, immersive and agile ways of delivering content can definitely supercharge this human touch. – Lili Gil VallettaCIEN+

2. Understand Individual Customers By Leveraging AI

Make your customers feel that they matter. Know what your customers want on an individual level. In years past, salespeople would get to know their clients and customers, front to back. Today, we can use AI to learn what they want and still give them the same level of satisfaction and personalization that they’ve always had. People crave connections, and AI can help keep those connections going. – Jason HallFiveChannels Marketing

3. Better Personalize Stories With AI-Driven Targeting

The heart of PR—personalizing stories—will always be in style. With numerous communication channels, tailoring content uniquely is challenging. AI comes to the rescue by fine-tuning targeting and remembering details about reporters and outlets, making collaboration seamless. It’s not about replacing the personal touch; it’s about enhancing it, ensuring your message hits home every time. – Christine WetzlerPietryla PR & Marketing

4. Quickly Develop Meaningful Pitches By Prompting AI

Pitching to reporters will always be something we do; however, AI can help make it meaningful. For example, you can ask: “Can you help me write a pitch to a financial markets reporter covering current trends in the housing industry? I want to feature a renowned real estate expert who talks about trends, sectors and education for consumers.” You can now appear informed and up to date without spending hours researching a topic. – Trey RobinsonStory Amplify

5. Get To Know The Media Through AI Monitoring And Analysis

One aspect of PR that remains timeless is the power of building genuine relationships with journalists and media outlets. This can be enhanced by leveraging AI-powered media monitoring and analysis tools. These tools can help PR professionals track journalist interests, sentiments and coverage patterns, enabling them to tailor pitches and outreach more effectively for higher success rates. – Scott KeeverKeever SEO

6. Create Entertaining Press Briefings With AR And VR

Press briefings are traditionally very formal and factual presentations, but you can use augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to create not only informational but also entertaining press shows. This way, the press can experience your story on an enhanced and more engaging level, which will in turn excite them more to write a story about you. – Nhu Khue NgoOSK New York Inc.

7. Engage Personally, But Use Tech To Inform Strategies

Personal relationships in PR are timeless. While tech such as AI enhances data analysis and trend prediction, the human touch in building and maintaining media relationships remains irreplaceable. We use tech to inform strategies, but rely on personal engagement to forge enduring connections. – Blake GeorgeBMG Media Co.

8. Craft More Relevant Messaging Using AI Data Analysis

Personalized communication has always been a cornerstone of effective PR. Brands can use AI to analyze vast amounts of data, from customer demographics to behavioral patterns, enabling PR professionals to craft messages that resonate specifically with each segment of their audience, ensuring relevance and resonance on a deeper level. – Lars VoedischPRecious Communications

9. Connect With Journalists In Person And Online

Maintain relationships with journalists both in person and online. Many media outlets host networking events, which are a great place to meet with journalists who are typically active on social media platforms such as X, Instagram or LinkedIn. So, when you meet a journalist in person, connect online to extend the relationship, and be sure to like their content and comment on it as well. – Nancy MarshallMarshall Communications

10. Blend SMTs With Social Media Influencer Marketing

Satellite media tours, a classic PR tactic, remain timeless due to their broad reach and effectiveness. But imagine mixing in the magic of today’s influencers, using them in these TV appearances and extending your reach by having them share on their social media profiles as well. This modern twist on a classic approach enables brands to extend their reach across both traditional and digital landscapes. – Danielle WileySway Group

11. Enhance Press Releases With UTM Tracking Codes Or Vanity Landing Pages

Press releases will never go out of style, as they provide journalists with a complete narrative and information about a given topic. However, they can be enhanced now by using UTM tracking codes or vanity landing pages (for example: embedded in hyperlinks to help track how many people viewed the release—and by including key SEO terms the brand needs to rank higher for in search. – April WhiteTrust Relations

12. Modernize PR Content With Voice Search Optimization

Incorporating voice search optimization into PR strategies harnesses the growing reliance on digital assistants. This modernizes press releases and public content for voice queries, ensuring brands stay at the forefront in the evolving landscape of how consumers access information, thereby amplifying brands’ reach in a tech-savvy world. – Vaibhav KakkarDigital Web Solutions

This article originally appeared in Forbes.