One of the items we were tasked with as members of the Continental Broadband marketing team was to write case studies for relevant markets. In total, we wrote about 25 full case studies (1200 words or more) for various industries. These case studies showcase our ability to learn any market’s key value propositions and translate them effectively.

Most of these case studies were for their data center brand Expedient, but we also wrote for all of their other brand,s including ANET in Chicago and DataPoint in Baltimore.

After doing the customer interview and writing the copy, we managed the approval process and handed the content to Expedient’s in-house designer, who maintained the artwork. Again, an example of how we can easily work within an existing team or act as an outsourced team. In this case, Expedient had a CMO, Marketing Manager, and Graphic Designer.

We were the PR and content providers in that existing department and managed all their press releases and local media in eight markets. In the flipbook below, we’ve shown the following case studies, which are just a small sampling of the many pieces we wrote for them over the years we worked with their team on content development, PR, and marketing.

ANET & Lakeshore East in Chicago
Expedient & FUNDRIVER
ANET & Freedom Roads
DataPoint & the National Aquarium in Baltimore