Secure Applications Branding, Website & Marketing Automation

Secure Applications, a packaging and security tape, label, and container seal manufacturer’s representative, sought to revamp its online presence and streamline its marketing efforts. To achieve their goals, they enlisted our team to develop a comprehensive strategy that included website design, content development, branding, and marketing automation.

Starting with a thorough analysis of their target audience and competitors, we worked closely with Secure Applications to create a website that not only looked sleek and modern but also provided a seamless mobile user experience. By incorporating their branding elements throughout the website, we ensured consistency and strengthened their brand identity.

We updated their branding and company identity to improve the overall look of the new website and make the company’s intent more recognizable.

We then implemented a marketing automation system that helped Secure Applications better engage with their prospects and customers. With our guidance, they were able to create targeted campaigns that increased their reach and generated more leads. This was an important part of their growth since, as they added new products to their portfolio, we also ran targeted PPC advertising and email campaigns to generate interest. On an ongoing basis we work with Secure Applications on its content management and digital marketing.

Overall, our partnership with Secure Applications resulted in a significant boost to their online presence and marketing effectiveness. Through our collaborative efforts, we were able to help them achieve their business objectives and establish themselves as a top player in their industry.