Swap.com Media Relations

We were tapped as the media relations agency for Swap.com while they searched for a full-time CMO. We were able to achieve a good number of high-profile placements which resulted in a total of 33 articles that boasted approximately 19 million impressions and more than $5 million in average ad equivalency*. Similar to our other media relations examples, we hit the ground running, achieving a SheFinds article within the first week of our agency relationship. We worked with the internal marketing team to coordinate media relations results with their ongoing email and social media marketing efforts, and timed the arrival and messaging of these articles to support their goals.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a report by Edelman found that 43% of professionals said COVID-19 and the events of 2020 significantly disrupted their communications agenda. We were able to secure these results in the midst of the waning pandemic. As a flexible and skilled growth marketing firm, we’re in the business of finding the blind spots, angles, and opportunities that encourage real media relations and marketing results. Even when it’s challenging, we strive always to do the right thing and be very straightforward with our clients.


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*we use Muck Rack to collect our media results data.