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Who We Are

Pietryla PR & Marketing is a full-service agency that has been proudly located in Chicago for 20 years. We work with brands wanting to level up their brand awareness and outmatch their competitors. We find fulfillment when working directly with frank and fearless owners that are both passionate and principled, like us.

As a nimble boutique firm, we’re in the business of being flexible and aware, which helps us find the blind spots, angles, and opportunities that empower communications decision-making and strategy. We earn trust through our actions as much as our words. While clients may come to us for our capabilities, they stay with us for our counsel and unparalleled results.

As a full-service competitive alternative to an agency, Pietryla PR & Marketing is agile, employing the right consultants to achieve the exact goals of our clients. That’s why we’re able to remain fully accountable for results and offer transparent pricing and policies that focus everyone’s attention on achievement. Here we’ve answered some of the biggest questions we get.

How do you bill your time?


Core Services are billed at $175.00 per hour (in 0.25 hour increments). When purchasing Additional Services, the billable rate will be determined through discussion. Please see our Terms & Conditions to review our service agreement.

Curious what the going rate is? A 2021 Gould+Partners’ report, which focused on the hourly billing rates and agency staff utilization by size, region, and specialty, found that the average PR agency billing rate is $240 per hour. For the most senior executives that hourly rate doubles.

Our rates are highly competitive since everyone you work with is a member of senior management.



For our digital marketing services, we’re able to offer product pricing since the services are pretty straightforward. In general, our rates are about 20% lower than other digital firms in Chicago. We are open to bundle pricing and special discounts based on agreed-upon agreement details.

Review the rates of our digital marketing services.

What if I don't get the results I want?

When we begin working together, we will all know and agree on what success looks like.

Upon meeting for the first time, we work with you to identify the media relations goals you need to achieve and the tools you have at your disposal to reach those goals.

A common mistake in hiring a PR firm is thinking that a good story is enough to get results — especially if you have a charismatic leader or a disruptive product. What’s missing from that assumption is the knowledge of how each action taken excites a reaction in accomplishing your business goals.

If you can’t articulate exactly what you need to achieve and why it’s important to move your business forward, we aren’t the firm for you.

While we are seasoned business professionals, you are the only person who can determine your business goals. We are nimble and fully able to adjust to changing strategies and manage complex projects, but our clients know what they want and how to measure it. Because of this, we’re rarely unsuccessful.

Do you have a client list?

Since 2002, we’ve worked with many clients. Some as long as 10 years and some as short as a few days. Here’s the most up-to-date list of our current and past clients.

Accredo Packaging
Bobak Sausage Company
Cask & Kettle Hot Cocktails
Continental Broadband
Economic Development Group, Ltd.
Expedient Data Centers
Footprint Packaging
Johnny Armstrong, author of Shadowshine
Medical Marijuana of Illinois
Miller Energy
National Coal Corp. (Nasdaq:NCOC)
Novalent Antimicrobial
OVAL Fire Products
Patten Place
PIC Corp
Pinch Injectables
PFFC Magazine/YTC Media
rent24 Chicago
RSA America
Servidyne (Nasdaq:SERV)
Software Management, Inc.
Stop the Spread Solutions UK
TCS Education System
United Federal Credit Union
Whitehead Energy Solutions

What are your qualifications?

We’re all experienced entrepreneurs.

Christine has been in media relations since 1999, and has owned this company since 2002. She has served in many different roles for many different clients, meaning she’s seen it all.

Everyone selected to work with you is a senior leader. They have proven they can get the job done. Our flexibility means that we can add or elminate staff on your account as-needed.

We have also been named:

#172 of the 360 “Best Entrepreneurial Companies 2019” by Entrepreneur Magazine

One of the top 20 PR Firms in Chicago by Expertise.com three years in a row

One of the top US PR Firms on Clutch

One of the Ten Most Creative PR Agencies by Insights Success Magazine.

What industries do you specialize in?

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served include sustainability, plastics and packaging, Internet/e-commerce, telecommunications, distance education/e-learning, energy and professional services.

Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to the table is not industry expertise — which you already possess in abundance — but rather an understanding of what reporters like to see in a potential article opportunity.

If you have a good story, the strategy to amplify it is part of the art of media relations. The industry experience comes second.

For online resources about our firm and a feel for our complete client list, please visit the following third-party sites:

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Agency Spotter

What We Do


    Working with the media is our core competency. We are relied upon to get quick, high value results. It's not uncommon to get your first placement within two weeks of starting your relationship with Pietryla PR.


    We know digital marketing is critical to a modern communications strategy and that digital efforts can amplify the credibility built by PR. aka SEO | PPC | Local SEO


    We create copy, videos and other artwork on demand based on what each project needs to be successful. We can do this as part of digital marketing or as a standalone service.


    As a sidecar to our digital and content services we can help you build or make changes to your website or app. We have full development capabilities.


    From coordinating advertising to crisis response and building targeted communities we are able to manage your brand's social media presence. aka SEM | Engagement Marketing | Influencer Marketing


    When it's strategically needed we can put together a cost effective paid placement program. We can design and buy traditional ads or coordinate sponsored content.

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